Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To make things clear...

Don't get me wrong, I've had the (if you could call it) pleasure of seeing a recent Dashboard show 2 years ago. It was the Rockband tour & my roommates boyfriend won and got to play Rockband on stage. Needless to say her and I got free tickets...I'm not for/against much beyond Places That You've Come to Fear the Most (there are a few gems here and there) but the crowd at the arena tour was VERY different from the one I remembered 7 years prior. Granted DC was not headlining and I opted to sit in mom territory on the side of the stage while the children (teens and tweens alike) were on the floor pushing and screaming towards the front of the stage...it was all very interesting.

I understand the way the business works, I get why 33 year old men with a couple of hits are on a Rockband tour, drunkly singing a Pink song with Panic! at the Disco. Do I agree with it...no. Are they still awesome musicians...yes. Carrabba doesn't even like himself for doing that, its kind of obvious in seeing it. But his voice is still great, John Lefler is still an awesome guitarist and Mike Marsh is still an amazing drummer. What they once were is still somewhere deep down inside of them.

Regardless, my first show will forever be engraved in my memory...

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